Ready to set up your Tera?

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Unplugged Tera

An unplugged Tera

Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles

Activated Carbon

activated Carbon

Your Plant

Your Plant

Large Bowl or Bucket

Large Bowl or Bucket

Glass of Water

Glass of water


Don't have a plant yet? Check out our recommended plants here.


Step one:

First, fill Tera with clay pebbles until Tera's ceramic section is half full. Once completed, you can set Tera aside until Step Five. 

Step One

Step Two:

Now, it's time to convert your plant from soil to hydroponics.

Please note that it's important to be careful with your plant's roots. Plants with excessive root damage may have a difficult time adjusting to Tera. 

Over a large bowl or bucket, gently piece apart soil from your plant's roots. Remove as much soil as possible.

Step Two

Step Three:

To remove the remaining soil, dip your plant's roots into a cup of water. Repeat until the roots are clean. 

Step Three

Step Four:

Gently untangle and lengthen the roots. Carefully remove all broken roots. 


Step Four

Step five:

It's likely that your plant is too big for Tera. In order to size your plant, hold it so its roots are centered in the front of Tera. There should be a 1/2" to 1" space between the plant and Tera's rim. If your plant is too big, remove sections of the plant until it is appropriately sized. If you cannot remove portions of your plant, select a smaller sized plant for Tera. 

Step Five

Step Six:

To insert your plant, hold your plant so its roots extend as far as possible into Tera's ceramic section. Then, fill the open spaces around your plant with clay pebbles until Tera is full.  Make sure clay pebbles cover the roots on all sides. 

Step Six

Step seven:

Your Tera might look full, but it is not. There are many small spaces throughout the clay pebbles. To settle the clay pebbles, gently tap Tera on all sides. Add more pebbles and repeat until Tera is full.

Step Seven

STEP eight:

Fill Tera's removable filter with activated carbon. Insert the removable filter into the back of Tera. 

Step Eight

Step nine:

Place your Tera and plug it in. 

We recommend putting Tera near a place where you spend a great deal of time: beside your bed, on your desk, or next to your favorite chair.  

Step Nine

STEP ten:

Fill Tera with water. To do this, slowly water the plant section of Tera from above as you would with any normal plant. Watch the top of Tera's ceramic section. Stop pouring when you see water. 

Worried your Tera will overflow? Place Tera on top of a tray or plate.

Step Ten

Step eleven:

You're done! Time to step back, snap a picture, enjoy your work, and breathe fresher air!

Show us your Tera on social media by using the hashtags #airreleaf and #tera!

Step Eleven

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