Activated Carbon Replacement Plans

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a traditional filter used in air purification. Activated carbon grains have large numbers of pores, which are able to trap toxins like volatile organic compounds. This process is called adsorption. Over time, these pores become full of  pollutants. When this happens, the activated carbon can no longer remove toxins from the air and needs to be replaced. 

To keep your air the freshest, replace Tera's activated carbon every one or two months. We offer subscription plans that ship activated carbon to you automatically and serve as a physical reminder to change your filter.

Every Month

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every other month 


Activated carbon plans cost just $7.50 per replacement including tax and shipping. Because Tera comes with one filter of activated carbon, we suggest subscribing to a plan after you receive your Tera. Don't worry. We'll remind you.

You will receive your first activated carbon replacement one or two months after purchase.